What’s Functional Employment Testing?

By on 8-04-2015 in Employment

As people seek fulfillment from their daily jobs and lifelong careers, they often hope that they are the right fit for their chosen employment. Likewise, employers desire their staff to be adequately suited for their assigned positions. A job should leave the employee happy and healthy and utilizing their skills and an employee satisfied and unconcerned about who they have trusted with their business. In order to ensure these ideal circumstances, recent trends have emerged. One if the most successful of these trends is Functional Employment Testing.

According to the website of WorkSTEPS, one of the nation’s leading providers of Functional employment testing, functional employment testing “was founded to meet a critical employer need – to create a medically safe, legally compliant, scientific and objective means of matching a worker’s functional capabilities with the essential functions of the job.”

Functional Employment testing can be done before an employee is hired to see if they would be a suitable fit for the job and duties required of them. Many employers are also choosing to utilize functional employment testing to evaluate their current employees. Employers have found that this has led to a decrease in workers compensation claims, an increase in the productivity of their workforce, fewer cases of fraud and abuse and fewer turnovers in their positions. If the health of the workforce is evaluated before any instances of workplace injury occur, the entire workforce is safer and happier.

If your company requires strenuous work, or if it simply desires to have the most productive, qualified, and safe workforce possible, functional employment testing could be an avenue you wish to pursue.

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